Flat Belly Fix – Review

What is the Flat Belly Fix?
Created by Todd Lamb, a veteran police officer and a retired SWAT Team Leader, The Flat Belly Fix (also known as “The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix”) gives you access to a unique fat loss system to burning at least 23 pounds of excess weight and get a flatter belly in only 21 days – without doing a single exercise or restricting your diet.

What do you Get?

1. First you’ll get the ‘7 Minutes To A Slim Belly 2. Your second present is your special collection of Flat Belly Fix “Done For You” fat burning smoothie recipes…System’

The 7 Minutes To A Slim Belly System will teach you “secret” methods learned in 17 years on the police force that help elite law enforcement officers stay slim, strong and ready for action in just 7 minutes 4 or 5 times a week…

No “sit ups” allowed, you’ll be shocked at how gentle and simple these movements are…

And how you’re able to get a flat, strong belly that puts the “gym bunnies” to shame without ever feeling like you’re “working out” at all…

2. Your second present is your special collection of Flat Belly Fix “Done For You” fat burning smoothie recipes…

This is a special book of quick, easy, delicious and almost-done-for-you meal replacement smoothie recipes…

All you have to do is print up the special shopping list and head to the market

3. Your third present is something special. In fact, I can’t do this for everyone It’s called the Flat Belly Fix Elite Personal Coaching…

You get ONE FULL MONTH of PERSONAL coaching

As soon as you finish your enrollment you’ll instantly be added to my secret closed Facebook group where you can ask me any question you want, network and bond with other folks going on the exact same journey and get the motivation and ACCOUNTABILITY you need to stick to the program.

Is it worth it?

The Pros

  • Todd Lamb is a real person.He’s the founder of the Alpha Nation. He’s also a former sergeant and leader of the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team.
  • You Can Also Use It to Complement Your Weight Loss Program
  • You don’t have to stop whatever you’re doing if they work well for you. However, we believe The 21 Flat Belly Fix can help you achieve better or faster results. Just go through The Flat Belly Fix program, including the bonuses, and choose the techniques or tips that worked best for you. Then, integrate them into your current weight loss program.
  • You Get Continuous Community Support including access to their Facebook group
  • The Elite Personal Coaching is a nice addition to this program. Social support is important for weight loss and can make the difference between success and failure. If you don’t have supportive friends or family members, Todd’s offer of coaching you for a month and letting you access a closed Facebook group are great deals.
  • It’s Relatively Easy and Safe. For the everyday person all you need to follow is the shopping lists, recipes and other instructions in the guide.
  • Full Money Back Guarantee

The Cons

  • It’s Not a Foolproof Program
  • Diet plays a major role in weight loss. However, exercise is also an important component of an effective weight loss program. A combination of exercise and healthy diet is still the best way to shed the excess weight.
  • Results May Vary
  • There are many factors that might influence how fast or how much weight you’ll lose within 21 days. Other things play a role – age, lifestyle, physical health, genes, activity level, environment, and diet, among others.
  • Only Digital Copies Are Available – a downloadable eBook or audiobook. However, you can print these off
  • The 21 Flat Belly Fix program is available as a downloadable eBook or audiobook. Todd is currently not offering a physical copy of The Flat Belly Fix. However, you can always print everything (if you want).


Our recommendation would be to give it a try. If you’ve tried and failed with other weight loss solutions and diets, and if you want results in 21 days (although this time can vary), The Flat Belly Fix is a great option. You also get a 60-day money back guarantee so why not!


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